Contoh Kalimat PV Negatif dan Tanya

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Bahasa Inggris Bisnis, Tugas Kuliah

1. Passive voice negatif

  • Don’t wait for me
  • You are advised not to wait for me
  • The car wasn’t driven by Adi yesterday
  • The books weren’t borrowed by my friends
  • The Project were not worked by them this year
  • The motorcycle wasn’t driven by Yayan yesterday
  • The car is not driven by him
  • The test is not written by her
  • I was not invited by her
  • The poem isn’t wrote by him

2. Kalimat tanya

  • Will you bring your book?
  • Did she pass the test?
  • Should I telephone you or send an email?
  • Do you want bear, wine, or wisky?
  • He is working, isn’t he?
  • He didn’t come, did he?
  • She types accurately, doesn’t she?
  • There isn’t any news, is there?
  • He has a lot of money, hasn’t he?
  • He likes football, doesn’t he?




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